THINKOFSERIFOS is a concept. An idea. A philosophy focused on our love for the island of Serifos. Our belief that it is worth highlighting its unique qualities. To offer guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of contemporary Greek artists from the fields of fashion, pottery, decoration. THINKOFSERIFOS promotes a qualitative, authentic, environment friendly lifestyle. We serve all these values through the collections of our three shops: Τhe Cycladic concept store THETA, KERAMEIO Ceramic Studio and the fashion shop THIDIRA. THINKOFSERIFOS ... and smile!


We visit Serifos on vacation and we are planning to stay just for a few days. We are still here…

We open THIDIRA as an Art Concept Shop at Ano Chora, Serifos. We display the handiwork of artists and craftsmen from all over Greece.

THIDIRA is relocated in the most picturesque spot of Ano Chora, Serifos, near the town hall.  The …place to be during summer!

Following our passion for ceramics and our appreciation for talented Greek potters, we launch KERAMEIO Ceramic Studio. It is on the main road leading from the port to the Chora of Serifos.

We create the Cycladic concept store THETA, at Livadi port, opposite the new marina. A bold, brand new idea in Serifos!

We launch our new web site and give emphasis to the social media. THETA enriches its collection and renews them every summer week. KN creates new collections at KERAMEIO Workshop and they are highly appreciated.


In Serifos the day light transforms the rocky landscapes. The baren land is dotted with “petrified” formations, reminding us of the Perseus myth. The island’s beaches weave their spell and people fall in love. And the Chora of Serifos seems both solid and liquid and sparkles high on its conical rock. Read our detailed travel guide!


Theta Cycladic Concept Store:
Λιβάδι Σερίφου, απέναντι από τη νέα μαρίνα
Σέριφος, ΤΚ: 84005
Tel.: + 30 22810 51781
Email: info@thinkofserifos.gr