Serifos charmed us at first sight. It became an inspiration and a place where we wanted to live and create.

It is an authentic island, with fascinating myths and a long history. The exceptionalCycladic architecture of Chora with its castle, squares and cobbled streets, the barren landscapes with the “petrified forms” that refer to the myth of Perseus, the beaches with their green-blue waters, the customs that still survive and its unique energy, drew us to it like a magnet.

They became the starting point of TOS, a creative set of artwork, clothes and objects that inspire and express all that Serifos is for us. Having already had a long-standing presence on the island with two concept stores,
THETA and KERAMEIO, where the creations of Greek artists in fashion, ceramics and decoration are displayed and available, the collection of TOS creations found from the very first moment the spaces that host it.

In this creative journey we have with us artists who design with Serifos as their source of inspiration and partners such as FE, the shop with handmade jewellery collections in Livadi, and THIDYRA, the tap bar in Pano Piazza for cocktails with a Serifos flavour.

Our collections at a glance…

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