Situated at the most premium spot of Chora, in the Town Hall square, THIDIRA is open from the morning till late at night. The Cycladic style store used to be Elli Tzalopoulou’s old painting studio. At THIDIRA, Serifos, we showcase innovative mix and match collections of T-shirts, clothes, accessories, ceramics, art and decorative items. We combine minimal feel and elegant Greek aesthetic and we offer value for money products.

The word THIDIRA is an anagram of the Greek word “thirida” which means safe box. It is a local dialect word meaning the hiding places islanders used to carve into the walls to keep their valuable possessions safe from pirates. Yoy see, from the moment we set eyes on Chora of Serifos, we realized that to us, it was a precious safe place!

We debuted in Serifos in 2004, by opening THIDIRA as the first Cycladic art shop on the island, featuring selected artifacts made by Greek artists.

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